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Internovo respects our client requests for confidentiality; hence we may have intentionally omitted areas of technology and materials experience or be unable to provide further information and project references.
 Technology    Materials
  • Appliances, households, large and small
  • Appliances, medical
  • Automation and sensing, plant, process, and machines
  • Automotive, crash safety, onboard technologies and sensors, steering wheels, structural materials, etc.
  • Avionics, onboard and ground based technologies
  • Burner and burner control technologies
  • Computer networking
  • Control panel technologies
  • Controls and sensors: Electro-mechanical, bi-metal
  • Controls and sensors: medical apparatus technology
  • Controls and sensors: flow, humidity, level, motion, pressure, proximity, temperature, etc.
  • Controls, drives amd actuators, hydraulic, pneumatic
  • Controls, other: counters, timers, Plc's, industrial PC's
  • Controls, special, for valves, pumping, pipelines, including leak detection
  • Electric motors and relays, industrial to miniature
  • Electric power control technologies for city, road and public lighting, energy savings
  • Electronics, generic
  • Electrostatic technologies
  • Energy savings technologies
  • Instrumentation and Controls, industrial, food and drug, stationary and transport
  • Instruments and instrumentation, for gas analysis and safety, stack gas and other emissions
  • Manufacturing technologies for plastics, glass, fiberglass and rockwool, thermal insulation and other foams and composites
  • Materials handling
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors, dumb and intelligent
  • Telecommunication electronics and support systems
  • Aerogel
  • Aerospace, structural
  • Biochem, enzymes
  • Ceramics: ceramets, ceramic glass, metalglass, metalcompounds, silica gel, and related process technologies
  • Chemical compounds from organic and inorganic components for the aerospace, automotive building and plastics industries
  • Chemicals, inorganic
  • Chemicals, organic: adhesives,lubricants, paints, pigments, plastics, polymers, and related process technology
  • Fluids and media, general: hydraulic, fuels, oils and derivatives, pressurized gases, water and steam
  • Glass: encapsulation, fibers, fillers, flat-, float, foam-, hollow spheres, insulating(TEL), roving, etc. and process technology
  • Metals: aluminum, beryllium, titanium, platinum, etc.
  • Minerals: mineral fibers and compounds, and related process technology
  • Powder metals
  • Steel: carbon-, maraging-, tool-, stainless-, and process technology
  • Textiles: predominantly for reinforcements used in plastics for structural purposes
  • Various other materials: composites, compounds and laminated combinations, pressed, rolled and fused
 April 24, 2018


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