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  International business requires focus, growth and profitability. We assist you with knowledgeable and experienced executive advice with proven backgrounds in a wide industry spectrum to provide the necessary resources to let you concentrate on what you do best your daily business.

Your competition has changed its face. Know-how and innovation is now global; the transition from innovative concepts, technologies and products to commodities requires changed and flexible strategies, tactics and implementation.

Company survival is based, more than ever, on substance, technology, innovation, and access to specialized knowledge and innovative methods to strengthen and expand your domestic and international market presence. External know how from a broad field of experience is an absolute necessity.

Your company’s present business situation and future market potential dictate your business development requirements. Our executives assist with strategies and their implementation, among other with international and domestic alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions and other global partnerships.

Our experience covers not only mainstream industry. We also assist in revitalizing mature industry to come out of status quo, and we commercialize sleeping intellectual property, R&D, and emerging technologies and products.

Our executive’s and associates international career experience cover the range from R&D to solid mass commercialization. We have done it, and we can do it again for you.
 April 24, 2018


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