April 24, 2018 
International business and organizations need a solid international market profile and presence founded on substance, strong technology, and innovation for coherence, continuous growth and increased profitability.

Global markets and your competition have changed face. Education, know-how and innovation are now global. The transition from high value innovative concepts, technologies and products to low cost commodities is fast and requires focused and flexible strategies, tactics and implementation.

Our executives and associates have strong operational career backgrounds. Our experience is the added value critical to reaching your goal. Our services and assistance to you are based on realistic practical experience. We have made good companies better, and we have turned ailing companies in crisis around.

Not only do we assist you with objective strategic and operational support, our forte also encompass the entire process to identify, approach, negotiate, and accomplish international and domestic alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions, and other global partnerships. We also provide post transaction operational advice, support, integration assistances, and interim management as required.

We provide the added resource to assist you with your organization’s solid international market presence, business profile, substance, and innovation.

Our executive’s and associates international career experience cover the range from R&D to solid mass commercialization of technologies and products. Our backgrounds are from mature, mainstream and high-tech industries. We have done it, and we can do it again for you.

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