April 24, 2018 
INTERNOVO, defined from the need within industry for true executive experience, advice, and additional capacity, provides executive resources involved with strategic, tactical, financial, operational, and R&D managerial issues. This is our forte, where many companies most often lack resources or have no sufficient in-house expertise. Our involvement, scope to each client's requirements, ranges from the complete project to a phase-by-phase contribution. Internovo has, since founded in 1987, completed several hundred successful projects, predominantly in Europe and the Americas.

All of our associates are industrial executives with over 15 years of experience. We are international, the majority fluent in three to seven languages, and all are experienced negotiators with multinational backgrounds.

We are confident, for companies large and small, that we offer an executive package and service to help your organisation grow, build on substance, obtain a strategic position, and solidify shareholder value. The wide range of projects continually shape our advice, tools, and methods to be broad, innovative, knowledgeable, and sound.
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